Meet Your Financial Captain

Founder and CEO

David Yu



I entered a family business in the wholesale industry and then in 2005, started working in the mortgage industry. What stood out from these two experiences were the relationships I developed.

I formally entered the financial services sector in 2007 and have never looked back. I immediately loved the work and the relationships I was able to build. Over a decade later, I am extremely fortunate to be able to work with a wonderful group of people whose financial success and trust remind me every day why I love my job.

As Founder and President of Pacific United Planning, I have extensive experience working with clients from various industries with a niche focus on airline pilots. I personally collaborate with my clients to develop and implement comprehensive financial plans. I provide objective advice and expertise on asset management, cash flow analysis, estate, insurance, and retirement planning, and tax-advantaged investing strategies. My end goal is for my clients to be able to meet all their financial objectives with confidence and peace of mind.



I graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2003.


Growing up and facing my own financial decisions, I quickly realized how difficult it was to navigate and understand the complex financial world we live in. Something that may seem simple on the surface, such as budgeting and saving, can become quite complicated when you factor in someone’s personal situation.

Little did I know that realization would help shape my career and lead me to where I am today.



I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) practitioner with over ten years of industry experience helping people make smart, lasting financial decisions.


I discovered in my early career that I loved working with people and helping them succeed. This ultimately led me to discover my passion for sharing my financial insight with my clients.

My clients are my priority. I believe in developing strong, lasting relationships based on mutual trust and honesty.

In addition to being passionate with helping clients succeed, I am also an avid aviation enthusiast and I love everything about airplanes, air traffic control, charts, and procedures. Deciding to combine my knack for finances and my love for aviation, I have created a community website called the "Level Plane Field", which is also the name of my podcast (the goal of which is to bring aviation and personal finance together).

In my personal life, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my wife and two kids. My interests include aviation, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, playing tennis, and watching USC football.


Elba Moreno

Client Service Associate

From my first administrative assistant position for the chamber of commerce in my small town, I learned that every business, no matter their size, deserves the same time, effort, and focus. These same attributes were applied in my later years, within the mortgage and real estate industry.

As my family needs were changing, I found myself working for a non-profit healthcare organization as an administrative assistant.  While continuing to build my skill set and knowledge, I found I am most fulfilled when my skills were focused on serving families and their needs.

What I appreciate most about working with David is his desire to deliver great service to his clients. If there is anything I have learned during my years in the workforce is that the best way to succeed is to surround yourself with people who share your vision!


Certified Financial Expertise


Multiple years experience financial advising

Why Should You Choose a CFP® Professional?

Not all Financial Advisors are "Certified" to be leading your financial flight. Only those who meet the requirements of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. are awarded the CFP® mark.


The Requirements

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Complete a CFP® Board-registered education program
  • Pass the 6-hour CFP® certification exam
  • Have 6,000 hours of professional experience related to the financial planning process, or 4,000 hours of Apprenticeship experience that meets additional requirements
  • Pass a professional fitness standards test and a background check
  • Once appointed, a CFP® professional must meet continuing education requirements every two years in order to maintain the certification



I take the time to learn about what’s important to you and your family. I analyze the challenges you face now, and those you expect to face in the future.



I review and analyze the information you share with me and design solutions that help you succeed. I present my plan to you, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of your choices.



I execute your customized strategy using the extensive tools I have available. I walk you through the process, and make it as comprehensive and easy as possible.



I provide ongoing guidance and support to help you stick to your plan. I monitor your progress and recommend changes as needed.

Your Financial Goals are Just a Short Hop Away

At Pacific United Planning, I focus first on you:

How you can regain control of your finances

How you can attain your financial goals

How I can set you up for sustained financial success

I can give you a 30,000 feet clear view of your situation and provide solutions customized to fit your needs.

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