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The 5 Retirement Mistakes Airline Pilots Make and What to Do Now to Prepare

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Your Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is specialized in working with your specific needs and circumstances as an airline pilot. We make your interests our priority and are committed to building a lasting relationship based on trust & expertise.

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Tailored to Airlines


Air Traffic Controller

Financial Planner: Guiding you to your destination

Weather Radar

College Savings: Deviates around the storms of rising tuition costs



Estate Planning: Protects you and your family from disaster


Jet Fuel

Investments: Essential to survive and thrive


IFR Flight Plan

Financial Plan: A roadmap to your destination

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Budgeting & Cashflow: Keeps you safe and on track


Quick Reference Handbook

Insurance: Prepares for the unexpected and protects when you need it most

Center of Gravity

Debt Management: Provides balance between debt & income

Common Issues

Pitfalls that Pilots Often Face

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Time Away

You spend lots of time away from home. Don't waste the precious time you have worrying about financial planning. Allow a trusted expert to take care of it.


Recognized Income

Being notable for your income makes you a prime marketing target. Gain peace of mind through a well-thought-out plan.



Pilots often get a terrible sleep schedule. Don't lose sleep over financial stressors. Having a plan will allow you to relax when you need to.

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Retirement Age

Since you can't work past the FAA Mandatory Retirement age of 65, a financial plan is imperative to your future success in later years.


Student Debt

Pilots typically have $60-$120k accumulated in debt. A financial plan can help you pay off debt worry-free.

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The Unexpected

It's a volatile industry. Expect the unexpected so if you are faced with mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy, or relocation, your financial plan will have you covered.

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You must have a plan to maximize your benefits if you lose your FAA medical certification. Plan for medical expenses associated with your industry (radiation/cancer).


Accumulated Assets

When assets accumulate, it's important to account for risk management, rules and regulations, investments, benefits, and taxes. Gain peace of mind knowing you have expert help.

Your Financial Goals are Just a Short Hop Away

At Pacific United Planning, I focus first on you:

How you can regain control of your finances

How you can attain your financial goals

How I can set you up for sustained financial success

I can give you a 30,000 feet clear view of your situation and provide solutions customized to fit your needs.

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